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    Permit Type

    Type of Permit Service

    We cater to all your basement building permit requirements. Our comprehensive services include the ability to compare quotes from a highly skilled team of professionals.

    Legal Basement Permit

    Want to renovate your basement and give it a bright look? Convert your wish into a tangible asset by getting your basement permit approved by us!

    Below Grade Entrance Permit

    Make an external entrance to your basement, giving it an attractive look! Acquire your below grade entrance permit at Punjab Architects!

    Are Basement Drawings Legally Required?

    At Punjab Architects , we cater to all your basement building permit requirements. Our comprehensive services include the ability to compare quotes from a highly skilled team of professionals. They specialize in guiding you through the entire process of applying for city building permits, from creating drawings to obtaining permit approvals. Professionals do the following steps:

    Benefits of construction with building permit approval

    With permit approval

    Without permit approval

    Basement Permit Services

    Legal Basement

    Below Grade Entrance

    Site Plan

    Custom Design & Drawings

    Structural Design & Drawings

    HVAC Design & Calculation

    Construction Permit Drawings

    Construction Details Drawings

    Don't Know What To Start With?

    Get abroad with us to have a hassle-free permit!

    Basement Drawing Permits

    Basement permits are official approvals from your local authorities that allow you to proceed with your basement construction or renovation project. These permits ensure that your project follows building codes, safety regulations, and zoning guidelines. Getting a basement permit is a crucial step to ensure the structural integrity, safety, and legality of your project. Our company specializes in helping you navigate the permit process smoothly, so you can turn your basement ideas into reality with confidence.

    Residential Permit Services

    Legal Basement Permit

    Below Grade Entrance Permit

    Basement Apartment Permit

    Basement Underpinning Permit

    Secondary Unit Basement


    Detached/Attached Garage Addition

    Laneway Suite Permits

    Sunroom Permits

    Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Permit Services

    Re- Demising Unit Permits

    Restaurant Design & Permits

    Hotel/Motel Design & Permits

    Commercial Addition Permits

    Industrial Building Alterations & Addition

    Retail Facility Drawings & Permits

    Personal Service facility Permits

    Re-demising unit Permits

    Business License Permits

    Other Permit Services

    Signage Permits

    Change of Land use

    Preliminary zoning Check

    Minor Variance

    Re-Zoning/ Land Severing applications

    Site plan Approvals

    Tree removal permits

    Conversation authority approvals

    Heritage protection authority Approvals

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