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    In Hamilton City, we go above and beyond to ensure strict compliance with all necessary rules and regulations for residential projects, from meticulously handling documents to managing deposits. Our commitment to thorough verification extends to every detail, leaving no room for error.

    Submittal Process

    When you partner with your local architect, our primary objective is to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. We take on the responsibility of expertly handling the submission and thorough review of permits, simplifying the entire process and reducing chaos for you.


    Throughout the process, we offer constant support to our clients, guiding them from submission to permit approval.

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    After satisfying all your needs,
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    Legal Basement Permit

    In collaboration with your local architect in Hamilton City, our team of proficient architects is dedicated to ensuring your renovation experience is nothing short of smooth and hassle-free. We achieve this by skillfully presenting preliminary drafts and designs, all aimed at facilitating a stress-free transformation of your home.

    Basement Entrance Permit

    Opt for a lower-level entrance for your secondary unit, and experience the advantages of heightened privacy and added convenience, complete with a separate walkway. When you collaborate with your local architect in Hamilton City, you ensure a well-thought-out design that maximizes both functionality and comfort.


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